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Hi Im Alastair, I live and work in Hampshire with my Wife, two boys and dogs.

Welcome to my few pages of the web. Please take a look around…

What do I do? My career is in IT, recent years specialising in digital, web, Java and open source technologies. My passion is to align technical application with commercial acumen in order to help organiations achieve digital success. Leading teams of technical people to this end is my specialism.

My current role is Digital Architect for the Automobile Association (AA), I have responsibility for the technical and architectural teams working on the AA’s websites and mobile apps. We deliver sales, self service and content services to the AA's 13M breakdown customers and 2M insurance customers. My day-to-day concerns include leading and shaping technical change, live service stability, and technical architecture for this highly transactional digital capability.

All the views you find on this site are my own.

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